The National Camp Series 'Super Camp'

The NCS Super Camp is an annual event that brings the top kicking game specialist from around the country and beyond to learn from the best kicking coaches, compete against the best talent and gain valuable experience that will prepare them on and off the field.

The Super Camp is a two day event that provides the opportunity to:

  • Receive Small Group Instruction
  • Meet and Learn from Multiple High Quality Kicking Game Experts
  • Get Objective Evaluations using our OBJECTIVE KIX Player Rating System
  • Meet New Friends from Different Regions
  • Compete and Learn How to Manage Pressure Situations

Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers get hands on training and evaluations from an amazing group of instructors including former NFL, current UFL, college kickers, punters and long snappers. Big names such as:

  • Billy Cundiff (Baltimore Ravens/Cundiff Kicking)
  • Nick Novak (San Diego Chargers/Nick Novak Kicking School)
  • Craig Hentrich (Retired NFL Punter/Legacy Kicking)
  • Michael Husted (Retired NFL Kicker/Husted Kicking)
  • Louie Aguiar (Retired NFL Punter/Aguiar Kicking)
  • Mike Hollis (Retired NFL Kicker/Pro Form Kicking)
  • Lee McDonald (Special Teams Solutions)
  • Tom Feely (Feely Kicking/Father of NFL Kicker Jay Feely)
  • Dan Orner (Dan Orner Kicking)
  • Chris Shaw (Kick Nation)
  • Nolan Owen (Nolan Owen Long Snapping - 4 year D1 starter)
  • Brion Hurley (
  • and many others

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Our Network provides well over 100 years of NFL/College experience and knowledge.

The National Camp Series puts on its annual Super Camp, a high school event for snappers, kickers and punters looking to get high level instruction and position themselves to play at the college level.

"The quality of instructors for our Super Camp is outstanding and continues to grow every year. Our NCS Network is committed to helping young athletes learn proper technique as well as to help them navigate through the recruiting process so that they can leverage their sport to get a college education." -National Camp Series founder and former NFL kicker Michael Husted

Our annual Super Camp is capped off with a head to head tournament for all kickers and punters to display their ability to perform under pressure. It is an equal opportunity for all kickers and punters to prove they are among the top by taking home the champion's trophy.

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 Husted Kicking
2012-13 NCS Kicking Camp Schedule

Super Camp VII
Kicking Camp

Orlando, FL
February 16/17, 2013

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