About Special Teams Football Academy

Our Philosophy:

At Special Teams Football Academy, we offer one-on-one & small group lessons, Camps, and NCS Charting Evaluation Camps (See our National Camp Series Tab for more information). Lessons include everything from warm-ups and stretching to a variety of drills, instruction on strategy to help YOU to be the best that you can be.

We will provide evaluation & instruction, game situation scenarios, competition, "game-on-the-line" mental exercises at each lesson and camp. We also provide "on the spot" filming at our sessions where you can see yourself on film right away to see visually as we coach you through the drills.

Our Instruction:

We feel that there is no cookie cutter approach to each athlete and that each athlete is individually different physically. We instruct in a way that is tailored toward your individual needs and goals.

We feel that there are basic fundamentals and mechanics that all specialists should have and instruct in a way that works best for your abilities to help you become the best specialist you can be!


Chris Husby

Special Teams Football Academy