About The College-Prep Kicking Academy

Who We Are:

We firmly feel we have the most successful high school-to-college preparatory program in the nation. 

More than “learn to kick” lessons, we add transcript support, goal-setting, and character education. Our history of success stands alone.  Since 1995, we’ve done it differently and more successfully than any of our competitors.

Our student-athletes train to a standard that has earned our alumni hundreds of thousands of dollars in athletic and academic scholarships. When you join us you practice a set of skills you will use for the rest of your life.

This is a life-changing opportunity.

Before we came along as a 501c3 nonprofit, year-round training was only accessible to a handful of families.  

Annual camps were the norm and private lessons could cost tens of thousands of dollars over one’s high school career. We changed that. We made training for college-level sports affordable. Using gifts and donations from our alumni and the community we can provide affordable access to all committed and dedicated families.


College-Prep Kicking Academy
cell: 949.422.3299