About 4th an 10 Kicking and Punting

Welcome to the Houston and San Antonio Area's Only Professional Kicking and Punting School

Under our training you will learn:

- Technique and Form
- Development of a daily and weekly kicking regimes
- Strength Training Drills
- Field Goal and Kick Off instruction
- Punting Instruction
- Snapping and Holding instruction
- Mental Preparation

The instruction is open to kids ages 10 and up to train. Many students may be more advanced than others, but I open my knowledge to anyone who has the heart to learn how to Kick, Punt, Snap, or Hold.

About Coach Nick Gatto

Nick Gatto is a very unique individual. He was born with only one arm and has taken what many call a handicap and turned into a great positive.

After a great collegiate career and a 9 year Arena Football Career he wanted to give back to the Houston and San Antonio areas. During this time he developed 4th and 10 Kicking and Punting. Under his guidance kickers, punters, holders, and snappers are taught the basic techniques needed to be successful.

He teaches that to be the best you must be consistent and set yourself apart from your competition by giving coaches a sense of calm in knowing you are the right man to get the job done.


Nick Gatto
Kicking Coach

4th and 10 Kicking and Punting